From waste heat to electricity

To us, waste is not a problem. It’s an opportunity to help businesses grow and communities thrive. Together with our partners, we take the heat produced by any type of waste and transform it into something that benefit people, businesses and our planet.

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Boost your heat

Every year, more than 600 million tons of milk is produced worldwide. To pasteurise it all, the food industry uses expensive and CO2 emitting gas-and oil boilers. We eliminate the need for these boilers and instead increase the temperature of waste heat and recycle it directly back to the industrial processes it came from.

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All we need is heat to be fantastic, and we’re not picky when it comes to what energy source we are teamed up with. Geothermal heat, waste heat, heat from the sun or pellets, exhaust gas, biogas…We take any unused resource and transform it into 100 percent renewable energy.

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