From waste heat to electricity


Turn your waste heat into electricity with the help of our flexible waste heat recovery system. The CraftEngine is an ORC piston-based system specially engineered to transform low-temperature waste heat from 80°C and upwards into electricity. The system can also produce usable heat (CHP) in cases where input temperatures are higher than 150°C.

The Challenge


To reach the climate goals outlined by the Paris Agreement, all parts of society have to drastically reduce their dependency on fossil fuels, and this is especially true for the transportation and industrial sector that are responsible for more than 30 per cent of all CO2 emissions combined.

The Solution


One of the most important ways to stop global warming is for industry to exploit energy that has already been generated in the form of waste heat. The CraftEngine allows companies to turn their waste heat into electricity without compromising on efficiency, making it ideal for use on board marine vessels with diesel and gas generator sets or in industrial applications that create excess heat.

The Technology


The CraftEngine is the most flexible ORC waste heat recovery system on the market. Among its unique features is its ability to automatically adjusts to changes in temperature and power input without compromising on performance and efficiency. At the heart of the CraftEngine is the piston expander. The expander has been built using heavy duty components, resulting in a product with a long lifetime and minimum of maintenance.

An energy-efficient system

The CraftEngine is very energy-efficient, which means very little of the electricity it produces is lost. 

Built and designed by the car industry

The CraftEngine has been developed in close cooperation with AVL Schrick, one of the leading motor design companies in the world. This collaboration has resulted in a piston-based motor design that’s highly durable, virtual maintenance free and has a long lifespan.

Runs on fluids with low global warming potential

The CraftEngine can run on modern, more environmentally sustainable working fluids with very low global warming potential (GWP) that meet the new and stricter environmental regulations soon coming into force.

An ORC heat engine

The CraftEngine operates on the organic rankine cycle (ORC). To learn more about this specific cycle and why it’s especially suited for low-temperature operations, click here.

Our Partners


The CraftEngine is a result of a close collaboration between Viking Heat Engines and AVL Schrick, the world's largest independent company for the development of powertrain systems with internal combustion engines as well instrumentation and test systems.

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