Power your processes with waste heat


Power your processes without using fossil fuels. The HeatBooster produces sustainable heat and steam up to 165°C from waste heat and other low-temperature heat sources. We deliver compressors and complete heat pump systems.

The Challenge


The demand for heat at temperatures above 100 °C is massive. Traditionally, high-temperature heat pumps have been limited to output temperatures in the 80-90 °C-range, and to produce even higher temperatures industries have relied on energy-intensive gas, oil and coal burners.

The Solution


The HeatBooster turns low-temperature heat from industrial processes into high-temperature heat up to 165 °C. No other commercially available small–to medium–sized industrial heat pump can do this today, making our technology very attractive to a whole range of industries with high-temperature processes and operations.

The Technology


The HeatBooster is based on Viking Heat Engines’ technology platform that generates high-temperature heat from low-temperature heat sources.

Viking Heat Engines’ technology platform generates high-temperature heat from low-temperature heat sources. By using a heavy-duty piston-type compressor developed by AVL Schrick, the HeatBooster allows for reliable and flexible operation, low capital and maintenance costs and rapid return on investment. 

The HeatBooster offers unprecedented flexibility, adapting easily and quickly to fluctuations in the supply of heat.

This is how the HeatBooster technology works:

1. Low-temperature heat

The HeatBooster takes low-temperature heat from a heat source to generate high-temperature heat. The low-temperature heat is transferred to the HeatBooster via a heat exchanger (included in the HeatBooster package).

2. HeatBooster

The HeatBooster is based on the CraftEngine technology platform, which operates on an organic rankine cycle (ORC). The ORC is similar to a steam engine process, but uses organic fluids instead of water. These fluids have lower boiling points and other positive attributes that make them more suitable for low-temperature operations.

3. High-temperature heat

The HeatBooster eliminates the need for energy-intensive gas and oil boilers by recycling low-temperature heat into industrial processes and produces high-temperature heat up to 165 °C. This makes it ideal for many industrial processes that require high-temperature heat, such as food, paper and automotive production.

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