A big boost at Anuga FoodTec 2018

A real boost at Anuga FoodTec

The HeatBooster attracted a lot of interest at the Anuga FoodTec event held in Cologne, Germany, from March 20 to 23. In all, Viking Heat Engines talked to more than 50 companies from 19 countries about the heat pump that can make food production a lot greener.

Anuga FoodTec is the world’s largest event for new technologies relating to food production, and this year it attracted over 50,000 visitors from 152 countries. Many companies showed an interest in the HeatBooster, especially companies that have spray drying as part of their processes.

Spray drying is a method for producing a dry powder from a liquid or slurry by rapidly drying it with a hot gas (source: wiki). This process is used in the dairy industry to make milk powder, for example. Producing milk powder can significantly benefit from the HeatBooster since the heat used in the process typically comes from gas burners. A HeatBooster would instead reuse the available exhaust air found on site and boost it up to the required temperatures. By minimizing or completely removing gas burners from the drying process, the milk industry could save hundreds of tons of CO2 per production site.

“This year’s main focus at Anuga FoodTec was resource efficiency, a perfect match for our HeatBooster that can reduce the use of energy in any food industry,” says Ingrid Lofnes, Business Development Manager at Viking Heat Engines.  

“We had many interesting discussions with representatives from a wide range of companies within the food industry, and together we explored the possibilities that heat pumps can provide by making the most out of the energy they already produce on site."

To learn more, visit our HeatBooster page or contact Ingrid Lofnes at norway@vikingheatengines.com.

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