Tore Hansen-Tangen (far right) met with Monica Mæland (middle) and Ingunn Foss to discuss renewable energy in May.

Chairman of Viking meets Norway’s Minister of Trade and Industry to talk renewable energy

Tore Hansen-Tangen, Chairman of Viking Heat Engines, shared his vision for the future with Norway’s Minister of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland when they met for the third time on May 18.

During the meeting with Mæland and Ingunn Foss, Norwegian Member of Parliament for Vest-Agder County, Hansen-Tangen presented his vision of creating a world-leading centre of excellence for the development of renewable energy – something he believes Viking Heat Engines has laid the foundation for. The meeting took place at the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Oslo.

In addressing the government officials, Hansen-Tangen told them: “Through our technological leadership, our close collaboration with leading companies such as engine-design company AVL and Chemours – a US chemical company that produces environmentally friendly working fluids – and our potential customer base within the waste heat to power market, we’ve created the groundwork for such a centre.”

He had been keen to meet with them to secure political backing for such a centre and stress the “green” opportunity that Norway has been given through the work carried out by companies such as Viking Heat Engines.

“We believe Norway has the opportunity to take the lead in the fight against global warming, but to get there, we need political will,” he said.

Hansen-Tangen shared his frustration over the lack of collaboration between industries and institutions in Norway in supporting sustainable solutions, but also took the opportunity to praise Innovation Norway and Enova for backing them financially all the way through to commercialization.

“Both these institutions have been crucial in helping us get to where we are today,” he said.

Hansen-Tangen was encouraged by the understanding and positive attitude Mæland and Foss showed during their meeting.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Monica Mæland three times and I’m impressed by her directness, openness and honesty,” he said. “She and Foss both showed a real interest in what we do, and share our visions for the future.”

Picture: Tore Hansen-Tangen standing next to Monica Mæland (middle) and Ingunn Foss (far left).

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