Christmas greeting from Viking's Executive Chairman

Tore Hansen-Tangen, Viking Heat Engines' Executive Chairman, looks back on the activities of the past year and encourages us all to fight the good fight in 2017.

Dear friends,

Another year is about to come to an end, but before we open the door to 2017, I’d like to highlight some events that have taken place in the past year that have propelled us forward.

This year, we’ve been reminded more than ever of what a difference just one person can make. I’m thinking of Juan Manuel Santos, the President of Colombia, who saw an opportunity to bring peace to his country after more than 50 years of civil war. As members of his government negotiated a peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), our very own Dirk Nuber, who is CEO of Viking Heat Engines Caribbean, travelled to the country to investigate the possibility of turning biomass waste into electricity. The marriage of our CraftEngine and SuperBrix’s award-winning biomass furnace turned out to be a match made in heaven, and in 2017, we hope to introduce our unique biomass-to-energy solution, TEOPOWER, to Colombia and beyond.

South America is not the only place that stands to benefit from our technology in 2017. In South Africa, for example, for businesses stuck with an erratic power supply to power their facilities using waste heat would mean a world of difference. In fact, the country doesn’t produce enough electricity to keep the economy going. It was therefore very encouraging to be given the opportunity to install our first CraftEngine at a whiskey distillery in November. The installation, which transforms the steam from the distillery process into electricity, will act as a showpiece to potential customers who have been waiting a long time to see our technology in action.

There’s no doubt there’s a big need for electricity in the world, and especially green electricity if we are to live up to the goals set by the Paris Agreement.

To support the move to a cleaner energy supply, the German government gives incentives to companies that generate green electricity and sell it to the public grid. To benefit from this program, our customer Reinhard Vossmann, who owns a small power plant in the town of Garrel, decided to install a CraftEngine CE40 in October to transform the heat his plant is generating from wood pellets into electricity.

Initially, Vossmann had purchased a system from China, but when it failed to live up to its promise he turned to Viking for help. Vossmann was so pleased with our technology that he decided to purchase a second unit, which is currently being installed at his premises. He also attended an important energy fair in Germany with Viking earlier this year to convince potential customers of the benefits of our technology. We hope we’ll have many more ambassadors like Vossmann in the years to come.

It’s gratifying to see that our efforts in building the market’s leading organic Rankine cycle heat engine are starting to pay off. Our ongoing discussions with some of the leading market players within the power-generating market clearly confirm that we have created a solid technology platform. They are looking for a technology that can make their modular, container-based power plants more cost-effective, and they all believe the CraftEngine is the answer. This is due, they say, to the simple but effective piston-based design, its ability to operate on various loads through the patented valve system, the scalability of the engine and the conventional and well-known automobile engine components used. All in all, the immediate prospects for our CraftEngine for the year ahead look very good.

In addition to building a strong customer base for our CraftEngine, we have received a lot of interest in the HeatBooster, our high-temperature heat pump. Earlier this year, test results showed that the HeatBooster, which is based on the CraftEngine technology, can reach temperatures above 150°C, which very few (if any) heat pumps can do today. Encouraged by the interest in both technologies, we have decided to go ahead and develop a large CraftEngine family to meet market demands.

Lastly, our efforts throughout 2016 illustrate that the spirit of Christmas is not just not just reserved for the last month of the year. Our successes wouldn’t have been possible without people from various backgrounds and professions coming together and working towards a common goal. Now more than ever, with a big environmental crisis on our hands and with many world leaders closing their borders, we need to stand together in fighting the good fight. We who want to see the world become a more sustainable and just place to live, are needed more than ever. So, let’s get to work, but before we do, have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are!

Yours sincerely,

Tore Hansen-Tangen

Executive Chairman

Viking Heat Engines

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