Ultra high-temperature heat pump

CraftEngine-technology to be expanded into ultra high-temperature heat pump

Viking Heat Engines recently gathered its partners Chemours, AVL, IPU and the Technical University of Denmark to discuss the possibility of converting the CraftEngine organic rankine cycle (ORC) technology into an ultra high-temperature heat pump (UHTHP) by 2016.

A limited effort

A joint statement from the participating parties concluded that "the conversion can likely be done with only minor changes to the system since it seems that most design challenges would already be solved by now.”

Harald Nes Rislå, R&D Director at Viking Heat Engines, explains: “The operating principle of an UHTHP shares many traits with an ORC, and the CraftEngine ORC already operates successfully on temperatures beyond 200 °C. The CraftEngine was developed to handle these high temperatures from the start and it is therefore no surprise that the transformation into an UHTHP will be a limited effort.”

Viking's industrial high-temperature heat pump available to order

Apart from Viking Heat Engines and AVL making some small modifications to the current design, Chemours, an international chemical company in the US, has developed a new generation of safe and eco-friendly working fluids that are highly suitable for use with the CraftEngine for the targeted heat sink temperature range, typically up to 160 °C or even higher. If successful, the CraftEngine UHTHP will likely be the first technology in the world that is able to deliver such high temperatures effectively.

Goodbye to gas and oil boilers

Tor Hodne, Managing Director at Viking Heat Engines, says: ”In practice, this means we can use the heat pump to increase the temperature of waste heat and recycle it directly back into a range of industrial processes, eliminating the need for CO2 emitting gas-and oil boilers. The demand for heat at temperatures above 100 °C in Germany alone is as high as 48 TWh annually. At the same time, there is an enormous amount of waste heat that could come to good use if the temperature was just right.”

The conversion of the CraftEngine from an ORC into an UHTHP is made possible thanks to the progress within R&D and the commercialisation of the company’s 10 kW and 40 kW ORC systems. It has taken more than five years and close to USD 40 million to develop the CraftEngine technology, which is seen by many as the most flexible ORC system on the market.

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