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DryFiciency heat pump sees the light of day

A new heat pump is about to see the light of day thanks to funding from the EU and a close collaboration between the partners in the DryFiciency project, which is a consortium of companies and a research institution working together to drastically reduce CO2 emissions from industrial processes.

The DryFiciency heat pump, which includes eight compressors supplied by Viking Heat Engines, will be installed at Wienerberger’s plant in Uttendorf, Austria, next month and it is hoped that the system will lead to end energy savings of up to 84% and reduction in CO2 emissions by more than 75%. This climate-friendly heat pump currently being built by the DryFiciency project aims to reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 80% 

“The heat pump has the potential to become an important instrument in the fight against climate change as it provides industries for the first time with a real alternative to fossil fuels burners,” says Geir Robstad, Chief Technical Officer at Viking Heat Engines. “The technology can reach 160 degrees Celsius, which opens up the possibility for a range of industrial processes to switch from gas and coal to electricity.”

The European Heat Pump Association estimates that heat pumps could supply as much as 10% of the energy needed in industrial processes. This is good news for the European industry that needs to cut its emissions by 40% by 2030 to reach EU’s emissions target. By installing heat pumps in European drying processes, the industry has the potential to reduce as much as 66 million tons of CO2 per year, which is 7% of EU’s 2030 target*.  

“We’re already demonstrating that heat pumps can reach the required temperature to support the monumental shift needed in society to move us away from fossil fuels,” Robstad says. “The only thing we’re missing now is political will!”

Facts about the installation at Wienerberger:

•        Capacity: 400 kWth  (Demo)

•        Heat source: 80-90°C

•        Heat sink: 120°C – 160°C

•        Expected COP for heating: 2,6-5,6

•        Medium: R-1336mzzZ

•        Type of process: drying process (Tunnel Dryer)

*Data provided by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

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