From waste heat to sellable electricity

A customer in Germany is transforming his biogas into electricity and selling it to the public grid thanks to the installation of a CraftEngine CE40.

In Germany, government incentives are granted to companies that generate green electricity and sell it to the public grid. To benefit from this system, a small power plant in the town of Garrel has begun transforming the heat it generates from wood pellets into electricity with the help of a CraftEngine.

Green heat turned into sellable electricity

The system works as follows: the CraftEngine is hooked up to a cogeneration system, which is based on two combustion engines. Each combustion engine is driven using a gasification system that runs on wood pellets. The system produces 550kW of green heat hourly – heat that is then turned into sellable electricity. 

Overall, the CraftEngine is estimated to increase the electrical output of the power produced at the plant by about eight per cent, generating a total of 32.2kW of electricity on average over the year.

Good performance pays off

Jörn Riemann, Head of Sales at Viking Heat Engines in Germany, says: “The customer had already bought an ORC unit from a Chinese manufacturer, but it didn’t match the contract parameters, such as efficiency, and they therefore turned to us for help. We have already received an order for a second unit thanks to the performance of the current installation, which is showing great form after having run for 800 hours so far.”


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