Goddard Enterprises to install Viking’s waste heat recovery solution

Viking Heat Engines has signed an agreement with Goddard Enterprises, a conglomerate with operations in the Caribbean and Latin America, to transform waste heat into electricity at one of its food manufacturing plants in Barbados.

Goddard Enterprises’ portfolio of companies ranges from manufacturing to catering, including flight kitchens at many of the regional international airports which provide in-flight catering for major airlines such as American Airlines and British Airways. With over 4,500 employees and operations throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, Goddard Enterprises is keen to make its processes even more energy efficient.

This is especially true in Barbados, where the cost of electricity is high. The company has therefore decided to connect Viking’s waste heat recovery solution to an existing diesel generator in order to produce additional power from heat which is otherwise wasted.  The demonstration unit will be located at Hipac, a food manufacturing plant located in Barbados that provides high-quality refrigerated, tinned and frozen food. 

Dirk Nuber, CEO of Viking Heat Engines Caribbean, says: “Currently, their 400kW generator, which is used to power the plant, is generating a lot of waste heat, and by connecting our 10kW engine to their system, Hipac will be able to improve its efficiency and save on diesel costs.

“This is a very important installation for us because most of our Caribbean prospects ask us for a reference case in the region. Since there are only references in Europe, they can be very hesitant. A successful installation means more business opportunities for us, and a more energy-efficient operation for Hipac.”

The demonstration installation will be up and running in November 2016.

For more information, please contact Dirk Nuber on +1 (246) 622-8433 or email him at:

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