Ultra high-temperature heat pump

Great market potential for Viking's high-temperature heat pump

Merisa Pjanic, a specialist within the field of high-temperature heat pumps utilising natural fluids, believes there's a great market potential for Viking Heat Engines' heat pump.

Pjanic is a researcher at Tuzla University, has done her master thesis on high-temperature heat pumps at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and is a specialist within the field of high-temperature heat pumps utilising natural fluids. Merisa PjanicAfter learning about the CraftEngine technology, Pjanic decided to join the UHTHP project team and is excited about the technical and commercial potential of the technology.

What do you consider to be the strongest advantages of the CraftEngine technology in a heat pump application?

Currently there are no other heat pumps available on the market that are able to deliver heat at more than 140 °C and very few technologies can do above 100 °C. The CraftEngine has already been tested as a heat engine at these temperature levels, and this is really exciting. The engine can also operate on partial load and has great flexibility when it comes to working fluids, which allows it to operate in a large range of application scenarios.

Taking this into account, how do you see the market potential for the CraftEngine as an UHTHP?

Only in Germany, the potential for industrial heat pumps delivering processed heat at temperatures between 80 and 140°C is estimated to be around 330 PJ annually, which equals more than 17 percent of the country's entire industrial heat demand. Needless to say, the market potential for such an application is enormous, and I believe, if implemented on a large scale, the CraftEngine UHTHP can contribute significantly in helping the EU meet its targets in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficieny by 20 percent by year 2020.

What types of industries will benefit from such a heat pump?

The food, chemical and paper industries in particular stand to save a lot of energy using the CraftEngine UHTHP.

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