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HeatBooster featured on TV

The HeatBooster and how this industrial heat pump can be a real climate solver in the fight against climate change was one of the top news on TV2, Norway’s largest commercial broadcaster, during the weekend.

After learning about the massive CO2 cuts the HeatBooster can contribute with globally, TV2 decided last week to send a TV crew to Viking’s test centre in Remscheid, Germany, to learn more about the product and its future. 

The HeatBooster is a climate solverThe result was a one-and-a-half minutes news coverage aired on TV2’s evening news. The coverage had footage from the centre and interviews with Chief Executive Officer Tor Hodne and Director of AVL-Schrick Roger Wildemann.

“We have a product on the table that's ready for mass production that the world should see,” says Wildemann whose company has helped develop and invested in the HeatBooster. “This is something we want to participate in. It has a bright future.”

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