Heat pumps can help to decarbonize Europe

HeatBooster paves way for massive emission cuts

The United Nations is calling for better technologies to fight climate change. Viking Heat Engines' industrial heat pump - the HeatBooster - has the potential to remove 1% of the world's annual CO2 emissions every year. This amounts to a whopping 20% of Norway’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.

According to UN’s latest climate report, the global temperature can pass 1.5 °C as early as 2030. That’s only 12 years from now and, if the necessary actions are not taken, the world will be heading for an increase of 3 to 4 degrees, which will be catastrophic.

To stay below a two-degrees rise in temperature, which scientists believe is the limit for what nature can tolerate before spiraling out of control, the world needs to cut its CO2 emissions by well over 1 gigaton (GtCO2e) - every single year - by 2040.

How to stay on track
One of the most important ways to stop global warming is to reduce energy consumption through better efficiencies and faster electrification, with renewable energy sources delivering 70-85% of the electricity by 2050. Another important path is to reduce emissions from industry by 75-90 % through the use of better processes and technologies.

Viking Heat Engines’ HeatBooster can play a crucial role in supporting the world on these paths.

Not only does it recycle excess heat and boosts it up to the required temperatures, which removes the need for fossil fuel burners and drastically reduces the need for energy used in industries today. It is also electric, which means it emits zero CO2 when hooked up to a green electricity supply.

“Even with today's relatively conservative sales estimates, HeatBooster alone has the potential to remove 1% of the world's annual CO2 emissions every year, which amounts to 20% of Norway’s total annual CO2 emissions*,” says Tor Hodne, Managing Director at Viking Heat Engines. "With the growing interest in our industrial heat pump from big global companies, we believe our industrial heat pump will play an important role in reaching the CO2-target set by the Paris Agreement.”

For more information about the HeatBooster, please contact sales@vikingheatenegines.com.

*based on last year's CO2 figure

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