Massy and Viking join forces

Massy Energy Colombia (part of the Massy Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the Caribbean) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Viking Heat Engines Caribbean with a view to becoming the main distributor of CraftEngine technology in Colombia and the wider Latin American region.

Dirk Nuber, CEO of Viking Heat Engines Caribbean, says that with 1,200 people working for Massy Energy Colombia, Viking will have access to a large network of contacts, especially in the oil and gas industry.

“Massy currently provides services in the oil fields, pipelines, biofuel plants and refineries, and other energy-related industries,” he says. “For starters, refineries produce a lot of waste heat, and our technology could also be of interest to companies that run and maintain oil pumping stations in remote rural areas. With the renewable energy law coming into force in Colombia, these companies are now being incentivised to power their pumps using renewable solutions, such as a CraftEngine.”

Getting ready to test the new CraftEngine solution

Meanwhile, Viking Heat Engines Caribbean’s working relationship with SuperBrix in Colombia is going as planned, and the partners are currently setting up a demo plant at the company’s new facilities in Barranquilla. The testing will start in mid-August, and Nuber expects the results to be positive. 

From left to right: Felipe De Urbina (Massy Energy Colombia); Chris Straughn (VHEC),  Ricardo Ghisays (SuperBrix), Dirk Nuber (VHEC).

“Knowing that the technologies have worked very successfully independently of one another in the past, and that the connection between them only requires a standard heat exchanger, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work,” he says.

“We’re not only going to demonstrate that we can burn rice husk and produce power and heat to dry rice, but that we can also use the solution for other forms of biomass,” he adds. We believe the solution has the potential to be used everywhere in the world where biomass waste is being produced, such as in South Africa where Viking is currently installing a CraftEngine at a sawmill facility.”

SuperBrix and Viking have already met with potential customers, including some of the biggest rice producers in Colombia. “Some of these potential customers have already asked for quotations, and this is before even seeing the demo plant,” says an exited Nuber.

Nuber will also be attending the Rice Market & Technology Convention in Houston, Texas, in the US with SuperBrix from May 31 to June 2. “This will be an excellent opportunity to talk to some of the major players in the world rice market to explain our new collaboration and to understand further some of their requirements so we can ensure our demo plant meets the needs of future customers,” he says.

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