Nobel laureate grants Viking’s partner innovation award

Earlier this month, SuperBrix, Viking’s partner in Colombia, received the Colombian government’s product innovation award INNOVA 2015 for its biomass furnace and grain drying system from Nobel laureate President Juan Manuel Santos. The same furnace, which is called TEO, is part of TEOPOWER, the biomass-to-energy solution that saw the light of day in November.

SuperBrix was one of six businesses commended by Colombia’s president on December 6, just days before he was scheduled to fly to Oslo, Norway, to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Tore Hansen-Tangen, Executive Chairman of Viking Heat Engines, says: “We are very excited that SuperBrix has been granted this prestigious award, and that they received it from such a great man. Santos clearly sees the importance of cultivating a culture of innovation to move his country forward after more than 50 years of guerrilla war.”

SuperBrix’s TEO furnace removes biomass waste by burning the rick husk (the outer layer of the rice) to dry the rice. By combining the award-winning furnace with Viking’s CraftEngine, any excess heat from the grain drying process is turned into electricity, allowing rice mills and the grain industry to generate their own green power and eliminate the need for generators that run on expensive fossil fuels.

“The Norwegians have meant a lot to our country,” says CEO Ricardo Ghisays at SuperBrix. “They were instrumental in negotiating this year’s peace deal, and come 2017 they will make a huge difference to rice mills and the agricultural industry in Colombia and beyond by allowing them to transform their biomass waste into electricity. Needless to say, we have high hopes for TEOPOWER, and look forward to working with Viking in the years to come.”

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