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Viking’s CraftEngine covered by Teknisk Ukeblad

Viking Heat Engines is featured in Teknisk Ukeblad, Norway’s leading engineering magazine, for its CraftEngine technology that can be combined with incineration systems to turn waste into electricity without being connected to the public power grid.

The article (in Norwegian only) focuses on the benefits of using such a solution in refugee camps where the accumulation of waste is a problem.

Waste turned into electricity

Anders Ørnberg, Business Developer at Viking Heat Engines, says: “We can remove hazardous waste from refugee camps and use it to create electricity and heat. Electricity can, for example, be used for lighting to prevent assaults and make camps safer places to live. It can also be used to heat homes and buildings, and to heat water for sanitary purposes.”

Visit our waste-to-energy page to learn more about our mobile systems.

Easy to set up and operate

The mobile system is easy to set up and operate, according to Ørnberg.

“You connect the CraftEngine to an incinerator, and set up lampposts where people congregate,” he says. “As long as you’re burning waste, the mini power network will produce electricity. You can also use batteries to store power for later use.

“The technology can also be used to prevent waste from being burned openly, or dumped into rivers and oceans worldwide.”

For more information, please contact:

Anders Ørnberg: anders.ornberg@vikingheatengines.com or call (+47) 95 07 30 45.

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