Viking's waste heat recovery solution will be used by the US Department of Energy.

Viking and B/E Aerospace collaborate on US government geothermal project

B/E Aerospace plans to utilise one of its CraftEngines on a project initiated by the US Department of Energy’s (DOE's) Geothermal Technologies Office, the aim of which is to transform the way geothermal heat is converted to electricity.

From geothermal heat to electricity

B/E Aerospace - which is well known for its interior cabin products for use in commercial and military jets - has partnered with DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to develop enhanced-performance-power-generation technologies. Through an existing purchase order with Viking Heat Engines, a CraftEngine will be modified and used in conjunction with B/E Aerospace and PNNL hardware in order perform a demonstration aimed at finding a cost-effective way of transforming low-temperature geothermal heat into electricity.

The US has an abundance of geothermal heat that can be turned into electricity and make the country less reliant on fossil fuels. The challenge is to transform the more abundant and easier-to-access low-temperature heat sources into a cost-effective and reliable energy supply - something the new solution may have the potential to do.

A partnership for a greener tomorrow

B/E Aerospace and Viking Heat Engines have performed several demonstrations and tests over the past two years on heat recovery applications. B/E Aerospace has also procured a small number of CraftEngines for use on emerging opportunities. The CraftEngine technology converts low-temperature heat sources into electricity. B/E Aerospace currently supplies heat exchangers and cooling systems to a variety of customers. PNNL has developed unique nanostructured materials that provide an opportunity for integration with the CraftEngine to boost its efficiency. The combination of these capabilities could provide the key to meeting the objectives of this project.

“Our relationship with Viking Heat Engines began in the early stages of CraftEngine development through EthosGen, LLC, who introduced us to Viking Heat Engines after attending the World Bioenergy conference in Sweden in 2012,” says Mike Mastergeorge, Vice President, B/E Aerospace Thermal & Power Management.

Tor Hodne, Managing Director of Viking Heat Engines, praises both B/E Aerospace and EthosGen, LLC, for their relentless efforts in creating sustainable, high-value business opportunities within the US and beyond: “It’s been a long journey for all of us, but the efforts are finally starting to pay off," he says. "We are very proud that the CraftEngine has been selected for this project, and we look forward to when the new system starts producing electricity from low-temperature geothermal heat, to which we believe it’s uniquely suited.”

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