Viking joins renowned industry cluster

Viking Heat Engines has become a member of The Eyde Cluster (EYDE), which is a network of world-leading process companies and their suppliers, located in southern Norway. Among its members are GE Healthcare and Elkem.

A door opener

Tor Hodne, Managing Director of Viking Heat Engines, says membership in the cluster opens up doors to many global companies that require the kind of high heat for their processes that his company’s high-temperature heat pump, the HeatBooster, can supply.The Eyde Cluster

New industrial heat pump produces heat in the very high temperature range.

“We have already started to meet with some of the members, and the ones we have spoken to so far seem very enthusiastic about our technology,” he says. “They recognise the opportunity that it creates to become even more energy efficient than they are today and reduce their overall energy costs.


Hodne says having membership also creates an opportunity to learn from others in what he describes as a “high-quality” cluster. “The cluster was set up to allow for knowledge sharing within the process industry located in this part of Norway, and we’re looking forward to learning from the other companies by participating in workshops and other collaborative events, and giving our input where our expertise is needed,” he says.

Helene Fladmark, Manager of EYDE, says the aim is to enhance the network’s position as the leading cluster for a sustainable process industry, and she believes Viking Heat Engines can play a big part in achieving this.

“We see the knowledge and competence that Viking Heat Engines possesses in the energy domain as very valuable to what we’re trying to achieve together in EYDE and, of course, to our core members,” she says.

Focus on energy efficiency

Viking Heat Engines will be part of the competence group that focuses on energy and how to use it more efficiently, and Fladmark hopes the company’s expertise will help to boost the knowledge and insights shared in the cluster in this field.

“The hope is that we’ll produce tangible results and solutions or innovations that can be used by companies in the process industry everywhere,” she says.

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