Viking Heat Engines to invest in its brand

To increase its visibility both nationally and internationally, Viking Heat Engines has hired Tom Aguirre as Communications Manager. Aguirre has until recently served as CEO of Blank, a Norwegian-based company that is well known for its 3D-mapping shows and cutting-edge websites.

Aguirre has over 20 years of experience from marketing and sales within the industrial and private sector, both nationally and internationally.tom

His first task will be to produce a range of marketing material, such as website and sales material, to profile the company better at various industry events around the world.

“All our energy right now is focussed on becoming more visible at important gatherings, such as international trade shows and other industry events that are crucial for us to attend,” he says.

The Zero Conference in Oslo, Norway, which took place from October 27 to 28, was the first big event where the company presented some of its new material as well as an innovative stand that gave visitors a unique insight how the CraftEngine works thanks to a 3D animation show.

Aguirre is excited about being given the chance to market the CraftEngine, which he believes is a fantastic product with a big market potential.

“No one is even close to deliver the same amount of capacity as the CraftEngine, which makes my job a lot easier - and fun,” he says.

“With offices in the Caribbean and Germany, it’s important that we appear unified in our marketing and communication and get a strong visual profile in place that everyone will support.”

Learn more about the CraftEngine.

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