Viking produces electricity from diesel generator set in the Caribbean

Viking Heat Engines recently reached another milestone when it connected a CraftEngine to a diesel generator set in the Caribbean.

The installation at Hipac, a food manufacturing facility owned by Goddard Enterprises, in Barbados allows the company to transform waste heat from the exhaust gas into electricity to power its facilities.

Read more about our agreement with Goddard Enterprises.

A more energy efficient operation

By marrying a CraftEngine CE10 with its 400kW Cummins diesel generator set (genset), Hipac will increase the efficiency of the generator by 2-5 per cent, saving up to 380 Barbadian dollars per week in energy costs.

“At this stage, Goddard Enterprises are mostly using our CraftEngine to position themselves as an environmental frontrunner,” says Dirk Nuber, CEO at Viking Heat Engines in the Caribbean. “They have already installed PV panels on their roofs in some places, and are keen to make their facilities even more environmentally friendly.”

First genset installation completed

Useful for more than one purpose

Goddard Enterprises have several operations throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, and are keen to use the CraftEngine elsewhere.

“Goddard Enterprises’ operations focus on catering, and our hope is that we can not only help them with the waste heat that comes out of their kitchens, but also handle the food waste they produce,” Nuber says.

A good match for the genset market

The installation is good news for Viking Heat Engines that hopes to position itself as a leading supplier to the genset market. Viking currently supplies smaller engines, but is already working on scaling up its machines to include up to 400kW per unit, making the technology attractive to a range of bigger players.

Visit our genset page to learn why our technology is suitable for these types of applications.

“We are currently in discussions with some of the leading market players within the power-generating market, which confirms that we have created a solid technology platform,” Nuber says. “They are looking for a technology that can make their modular, container-based power plants more cost-effective, and they all believe the CraftEngine is the answer. They say this is due to the simple but effective piston-based design, its ability to operate on various loads, the scalability of the engine and its heavy-duty class construction. All in all, the immediate prospects for our CraftEngine for the year ahead look very good.”

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