Viking signs deal with French energy company

Viking Heat Engines recently signed a deal with Valotech-Energies, a French supplier of combined heat and power (CHP) engines, for the supply of one CraftEngine CE40.

The CraftEngine will be used to produce additional electricity from the engines’ waste heat to make them even more energy efficient and attractive to the company’s customers who range from schools, hospitals and hotels to factories and water parks.
Valotech-Energiess natural gas power stations can support a range of institutions

“France has introduced green incentive schemes, which makes our CraftEngine a very attractive solution for companies such as Valotech-Energies looking to optimize their products,” says Geir Robstad, Chief Technical Officer at Viking Heat Engines. “We expect more sales to this customer once the unit is up and running.”

For more information about the CraftEngine and its suitability with CHP engines, please contact

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