Viking welcomes new global agreement on greenhouse gases

Viking Heat Engines is prepared for stricter regulations that will now come into force globally following Saturday’s agreement in Kigali, Rwanda, to phase out the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

HFCs are man-made fluorinated gases (F-gases) with global warming potential (GWP) typically 1,000 times higher than CO2. It is hoped that the deal, which was signed by world leaders from 170 countries, will take 0.5°C out of future global warming.

Harald Nes Rislå, R&D Director at Viking Heat Engines, says: “We have been following this development with great interest, and instead of waiting for a deal like this to pass, we have actively taken steps to make sure we’re prepared for any future regulations when it comes to F-gases.”

Since 2014, Viking has been working closely with Chemours, a large international chemical company based in the US, to make sure both the CraftEngine and HeatBooster will be able to run on modern, more environmentally sustainable working fluids with very low GWP.

“These fluids will replace the current ones over the next few years, and we’re very pleased to be one of the very first companies to offer solutions to the market to satisfy the new environmental regulations,” says Nes Rislå.

To read more about the deal that was signed on Saturday, click here.

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