Viking’s heat pump available to order

The HeatBooster, a heat pump that boosts waste heat from industrial processes to an astonishing 160 °C, is available to order in the capacities up to 200 kW. HeatBoosters in the megawatt range will be available in 2019.

Unique temperature range

What’s unique about the HeatBooster compared to other high-temperature heat pumps currently on the market is that it can reach temperatures of up to 160 °C (the normal temperature range of most high-temperature heat pumps today is 80 to 90 °C). Another big advantage is its ability to quickly adapt to fluctuations in the supply of heat without sacrificing performance.

HeatBooster_illuToday, industries typically use gas, oil, coal and electric boilers to reach temperatures above 100 °C since there currently is no heat pump on the market that can produce these high temperatures. This makes the HeatBooster very attractive to a whole range of industries that are looking to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their CO2 footprint. Among them are food and beverage, pulp and paper, automotive and the process industries.

New industrial heat pump produces heat in the very high temperature range.

A game-changing technology

“We have developed a game-changing product for the heating and cooling sector that removes the need for energy-intensive gas, oil and electric boilers to reach the high temperatures many industrial processes require,” says Tom Aguirre, Commercial Manager, Heat Pump Division at Viking Heat Engines. “The HeatBooster allows industries to reduce their fuel costs and CO2 footprint by making use of an energy source that is currently going to waste.”

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Designed and built by the engine industry

The HeatBooster is based on Viking Heat Engine’s technology platform, which uses a heavy-duty design from the engine industry.

“Most of our competitors develop high-temperature heat pumps based on their existing lower temperature heat pumps, but we’ve based our heat pump on our Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) piston engine design, which means all our components have already been optimised for high-temperature conditions,” says Tim Hamacher, General Manager, R&D at Viking Heat Engines in Germany. “We’re also able to operate using different working fluids, which means we can easily adapt to numerous applications in the field, and to the new environmental regulations soon coming into force.”

Interest from all corners of the world

The HeatBooster has generated significant interest from all over the world, according to Aguirre.

“We’re seeing a huge interest in the HeatBooster, and from the process industry in particular,” he says. “They’re looking to replace their fossil fuel boilers with a more environmentally friendly option to meet their goals. Industries everywhere need to change how they’re conducting their business to be profitable in the long run, and we’ve given them an option to change their course.”

Main benefits:

- provides heat up to 160°C with a good coefficient of performance (COP)

- replaces energy-intensive gas, oil, coal and electric boilers

- compatible with all 3rd and 4th-generation working fluids (e.g. HFCs and HFOs)

- easy to install

- comes with a 24/7 remote service package

- available to order as a complete heat pump system or compressor only

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