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We work with a number of exciting and innovative companies across the world. Together with our partners, we continuously make improvements to our CraftEngine and HeatBooster technologies to support our customers' business and a greener planet for all.

AVL ShrieckThe CraftEngine has been developed in a close collaboration with AVL Schrick GmbH, one of the world's leading engine design companies, where Viking has provided the technical foundation and AVL has been responsible for the detailed technical expertise with regards to the engine system design. During the collaboration, both companies have established superior knowledge when it comes to design, construction, installation and usage of the CraftEngine system. Viking and AVL are also collaborating on the development of the HeatBooster, the high-temperature industrial heat pump, which is based on the CraftEngine technology platform. 

Since 2014, Viking has been working closely with Chemours, a global chemical company based in the US, to make sure both the CraftEngine and HeatBooster can run on modern, more environmentally sustainable working fluids with very low global warming potential (GWP). ChemoursThese fluids meet the new and stricter environmental regulations soon coming into force. Thanks to this partnership, Viking will be a frontrunner in offering products with these fluids

Returkraft, a modern municipal waste incineration facility in the South of Norway, was the first company to install CraftEngines back in 2013 and has provided Viking with valuable insights into the operation of its technology ever since then. ReturkraftCurrently, Returkraft has three CraftEngine CE10s installed at its site, producing additional electricity from the waste heat that comes from burning 130,000 tonnes of waste every year. 

SuperBrix, an innovative, award-winning agricultural technology company in Colombia, teamed up with Viking in 2015 to develop a solution for converting biomass waste from rice production into electricity. logo_superbrixThe result of this collaboration is TEOPOWER, a unique biomass to energy solution that can be used with rice husk and other forms of biomass waste such as sawdust, olive pits, bagasse, coffee pulp and soya bean residue.

Massy Energy signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Viking in March 2017 with the view to becoming the main distributor of the CraftEngine technology in Guyana and the wider Caribbean basin.logo_massy Massy Energy is part of Massy Group, a company with over 90 years of experience of working with energy projects in the Caribbean. Massy Energy offers the Colombian agricultural business compliance with the most stringent quality standards with its expert assembly equipment, technical support and maintenance.

Viking Energy Development Africa (VEDA) entered into an agreement with Viking Heat Engines in 2015 to distribute and market the CraftEngine in Africa. VEDA sees the CraftEngine as a means to help alleviate unemployment and waste on the African continent. Veda The CraftEngine provides a steady base load of electricity to companies in need of additional power and, with the total thermal energy it produces, has an energy efficiency potential of 94 per cent. The CraftEngine is ideally placed to provide island mode production where the national electricity grid is not available.

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