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From waste to electricity


Unmanaged waste poses a serious threat to human health and the eco-system. Our mobile, off-grid waste-to-energy systems remove harmful waste, provides electricity and enables economic growth for communities and businesses anywhere in the world.

The Challenge


Today, 1.2 billion people are without access to electricity. At the same time, there’s an urgent need for the world to tackle the global waste problem.

Dumpsites receive 40 per cent of the world’s waste from about half of the world’s population.

The massive amount of untreated waste is causing major health problems by polluting the air, soil and water in developing countries, and leads to severe degradation of our eco-system. This is an important reason for the recent initiative by the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) to close all major dumpsites.

There is, however, a lot of value in the garbage we produce and many stakeholders are looking at how we can turn the garbage into something that will benefit local communities and protect the eco-system.

Sources: International Energy Agency and www.iswa.org

The Solution


Our CraftEngine is a versatile and flexible organic rankine cycle (ORC) heat engine that can be combined with waste incinerator systems to generate electricity and heat without being connected to the public power grid.

By combining our heat engine with incineration systems we can remove up to 6 000 tonnes of waste and generate 650 MWh of electricity each year. These mobile, off-grid waste-to-energy systems are easy to operate, require very little maintenance and meet EU's regulations for incineration of solid waste. The systems can also be shipped, set up and serviced/manned anywhere in the world.

Our systems is the solution for governments, companies and organisations looking to create value from waste. They support several of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our solution will:

  • prevent land and marine degradation and health problems due to pollution from waste
  • provide local entrepreneurs and families with an off-grid power supply
  • provide power for lighting, water purification and other essential activities as well as provide warm water for sanitary systems
  • generate jobs, and provide an essential power supply for local entrepreneurs looking to set up a small business on their own.

The Technology


Viking Heat Engines’ revolutionary CraftEngine technology generates energy from heat sources as low as 80°C.

Viking Heat Engines’ revolutionary CraftEngine technology generates energy from heat sources as low as 80°C. By using an automotive piston-type expander developed by AVL in Germany, the CraftEngine allows for reliable and flexible operation, low capital and maintenance costs and rapid return on investment. The CraftEngine offers unprecedented flexibility, adapting to fluctuations in the supply of heat or the demand for electricity, and can accommodate up to 75 per cent of its nominal capacity.

This is how it works: Waste is loaded into the incinerator and burned at a high temperature. The heat from the incineration chamber is transferred through a heat exchanger and into the CraftEngine. The CraftEngine converts the heat to electricity and supplies it at 400 V and 50 Hz. The excess heat from the incineration process can be used to heat water from a local water source.

Our Partners


We work with a number of innovative companies to offer the best, most environmentally friendly waste-to-energy products on the market. If you represent an incineration company and think your system could be suitable with our solution, we'd happy to hear from you!

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